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Kuna, ID

Tiny house on a foundation...416 square feet of fun!

Buy Our Plans


Buy Our Plans for $350.

Buy our plans! Tiny house on a foundation! You will receive a PDF file with 7 pages. These plans were professionally drawn, but we will remove our architects information before sending them. You can take them to a printer (FedEx Kinkos, etc.) & have them printed & bound to give to your contractor & to keep on site as required by the city. 

Page 1: Site Plans (specific to our house, but it will give you the general idea if you are 

                submitting the plans to the city yourself)

Page 2: Foundation Plan

Page 3: Floor Plan

Page 4: Elevations


Page 5: Elevation/General Notes

Page 6: Building Section

Page 7: Electrical & Roof Framing Section

Applicable Code: 2012 IRC

*** You can easily submit these plans to your city for a building permit. We did & pulled our own building permit. You should check with your specific city regarding such things as minimum square footage requirements (if any) as every city is different & you may have to tweak these plans to fit your specific city's building requirements. 

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