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Kuna, ID

Tiny house on a foundation...416 square feet of fun!

Must Haves



Enough that we weren't tripping over each other or the dogs. 

"Vaulted" Ceiling

To keep the cost down, we went with scissor joists. They basically act like a vaulted ceiling, but with enough room for the required insulation. A beam would have cost more than we were willing to pay, not just in the cost of the beam, but we would have needed to hire a crane for installation.


Keeping with the spacious theme, we have 2 French doors (1 set off the bedroom & 1 set off the living room) that allow tons of light in. We have 9 windows & the front door has decorative glass in it as well. 

Full Size, Functional Kitchen

Matt does most of the cooking & so this was a must. Although we don't have a range, we do have a convection microwave oven that hasn't let us down yet...we've cooked pizza, cookies, taquitos, tater tots, etc. with no problems. The 5 burner cooktop is versatile & doubles as counter space & the fridge is huge!

King Size Bed

This was Roz's requirement, mostly because the dogs sleep with us. However, the bed is too high for them to get on, so now we each just have extra space.

Outdoor Living Space

We've spent more time in the last 2 month on the porch here than at our last house that we were in for 10+ years. We have plenty of room to expand the decks (we put the ledger board up in anticipation of expansion) & we'll eventually be building an outdoor kitchen. 

Must Not Haves



This was the only must not have. We recognize this pretty much goes against every tiny house theme, but we did not want a loft. Roz gets up to pee too many times in the middle of the night to traverse a ladder/stairs & the dogs would not be able to figure it out...they are smart, but not geniuses. We also wanted this to be our FOREVER house, so the older we get, the harder we could see a ladder/stairs becoming! We were planning long-term.