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Kuna, ID

Tiny house on a foundation...416 square feet of fun!

Our Storey

"Ah-Ha" Moment

Cabinet pulls

That's what we call the moment (we both had it at almost the same time) when we were moving some people out of their apartment (2 adults/4 kids) & all their stuff fit into a 10'x10' storage unit.

(Picture: plug fuse used as cabinet pulls)

Can We Go Tiny?

Truck load of lumber to build the kitch cabinets

Definitely not with all the crap we had. We would remedy that though...truck load after truck load of stuff to the thrift store. If I wasn't going to sort it, Matt threatened to so I figured I better do it before he did!

(Picture: truck load of lumber used to build the kitchen cabinets)

How "BIG" Is "TINY" For Us?

Tiny sodas for our tiny house

This was the question we HAD to answer before we could really decide if we could do it. We settled on 416 sq. ft. 

(Picture: tiny sodas served at our Open House)

We Need Plans

Towel rack in the bathroom

The plans turned out exactly how we wanted them. Our architect had never drawn plans for a house as small as ours. In the end she was pleasantly surprised with the amount of space we ended up with.

(Picture: Towel rack in the bathroom)

We Need a Builder


Not sure why we had so much trouble finding a's basically a shed, for goodness sakes! After many e-mails, phone calls & meetings, we finally found one that was willing to work with us. They did a great job & let us do some the kitchen & decks/porches!

(Picture: Stairs off the back porch)

Our House

Bathroom shelving

People who come to visit are surprised  with the space we do have. We have plenty of room for us & the dogs. We're not sick of each other yet...which is a testament to Matt's patience. Did I mention we work together too?

(Picture: Bathroom shelving)