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Kuna, ID

Tiny house on a foundation...416 square feet of fun!

Tiny House Photos - Tiny House on a Foundation

We are so happy w/ the end result of our tiny house on a foundation. We learned a great deal, we've grown a lot & even though we have less, we feel like we actually have more. Sorry about all the photos (keep scrolling even when you think you are done), but it's the only way to share everything with you. Tiny house photos for all! 

Our Fun Touches

The Front Door


We re-finished this front door after purchasing it at ReStore...we get lots of comments on it! We added a cute old-fashioned door bell we've had for 5+ years...we were waiting to put it to good use.  

Cabinets, Counter Tops & Pulls


Roz had the adventure of building the kitchen cabinets with our good friends the Lands...they did most of the work! Thanks, guys are awesome!!! The cabinet & drawer pulls were made out of old plug fuses screwed into light bulb sockets & galvanized steel pipes.

Address Plaque


This hangs over the front door. We added the plug fuses to tie it into the kitchen. 

Dining Table & Stools


We used galvanized steel again & made our kitchen table & stools. We were unable to find a set that was small enough for our space so we had to take matters into our own hands. 

Dog Food Bowls


Since space is limited, we incorporated the dog food bowls into one of the cabinet drawers...the food is stored under the bowls. 



We bought this bike about a year ago in anticipation of using the rear rack as the mailbox platform. After disassembling, painting it bright red (to match the front door) & re-assembling, it looks great out by the road. We would still like to add a basket on the handlebars. 

Construction Photos

It took about 5 months to complete the build...estimated completion time was 3 months!