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Kuna, ID

Tiny house on a foundation...416 square feet of fun!

Storey Blog

Storey Blog - Dec. 3, 2017

So we've unofficially been in the house 3 months now! I say unofficially because after we got out Occupancy Permit on 9/1/17, but we were red tagged by the city 7 days later. Apparently there was some issue with the contractor that started the job not being the same contractor that finished the job. It was essentially just a way for the city to get another electrical permit fee from the builder. After much discussion between the contractor & the city we stayed in the house & finally got the official Occupancy Permit towards the end of the month. I will say the City of Kuna has been pretty good to work with. 

There's only a few things we would do different with the house after living here for 3 months...we're sure more things will pop up, but for now: (1) we would have made sure the contractor actually went by the elevation plans that showed only 2 steps up to the front door...we have 7 steps; not really sure whose fault that is...ours for not clarifying that we wanted it to look like the picture (we assumed that was understood) or the excavation contractor for being lazy & not digging the foundation down far enough when they put the forms for the foundation walls up; (2) Roz would have moved the front door to the other side of the porch. This is so that when you look in through the front door, you would be looking through the living room & into the kitchen, not through the living room into the bathroom; it's really not a huge deal, unless you forget to close the bathroom door & someone comes to the front door at the same time...what are the chances!!! Otherwise, we are still good with the size, overall layout, etc. 

Matt enacted our 1st official "undate" night. He decided we were together too much...since we work together, we are pretty much together 24/7. So, last Wednesday, after work, Matt went to a movie & Roz went to a few thrift stores. We'll have to figure out how to spend less time together than normal, since normal is a lot. It's weird, because after 11 years of marriage, we are trying to spend less time together. That sounds weird, but let me assure you there is nothing odd going on, we are just together A LOT. 

Our next big project is a fence. The dogs, Lacey & Lilly, need to be fenced in when we let them outside. As it is now, we let them out & either stand out there with them or let them run loose, which is not ideal. When the snow comes, we probably won't be standing outside with them too much! Since we bought the lot next to us, we want to make it 1 lot, so that really just means the fence will cost us more money since fencing 2 lots is more expensive than 1 lot. Bids to come, but probably nothing will be done until Spring. 

The property is really just 1 big mud bog. There's nothing we can do about it now since we are not in a position, financially or time-permitting to landscape. We'll deal with the mud & muck as the weather gets more wet. Matt's put down sand & carpet in the well-traveled areas. He's put a great boot scraper at the bottom of the steps so hopefully we won't be tracking quite as much mud in a before. 

Roz baked banana bread in the convection oven today & it turned out great. So far we are not missing having an actual oven since the micro does everything an oven would. 

We found some more plug fuses on Craigslist so we were able to switch out some duplicate colors for orange ones, which are apparently scarce. We are still looking for the really old glass fuses that are starting to change colors as those are our favorites, but they are really scarce...we only have 2. We have lots of glass ones, just clear glass though, not the ones that are changing colors. 

That's it for now. We'll add more when we have something worthy of adding! Don't get too excited since what we think is worth of adding may not be worthy in your eyes...fortunately, it's our website, not yours!