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Kuna, ID

Tiny house on a foundation...416 square feet of fun!

Our Other "Tiny" House

Summer Is Here - Time for Camping

We spent the better part of the summer converting this 16' cargo trailer to a camp trailer. The interior height is 7' & the side to side measurement is also about 7'. Even with the "v-nose", we've got about 13' of length to work with inside. 

We started with 2 Murphy-style twin beds on the sides at the rear. They fold down & meet in the middle to make a King size bed. We have electricity & water. We also have a Port-a-Potty (necessity for Roz), sink, storage for ice chests, crates & cubes. 

Kitchen Area

Matt did a great job on the front area that we use for a kitchen. Since it's a "V-nose" trailer, we could've hada lot of wasted spaced if we weren't creative. The faucet uses both a pump or city water connection.

This is our storage for ice chests. Everything is strapped in with bungee or rachet-style straps. 

Miscellaneous Storage

Matt built this cabinet (& the one the sink is on & the ice chest one too). This is one that houses the table-top cook stove, pots & pans & games.

More storage...probably clothes. The cubes are held in with paracord run across the front.

More Storage Cubes

We each have a set of 3 cubes over our bed...probably for clothes & shoes.

A definite necessity when Roz is camping. Who wants to get up in the middle of the night, get dressed & walk half-asleep to the bathroom?

Below the Kitchen Sink

This is the water system. We didn't want to put in a true holding tank, so we just used a fresh water container & a bucket for gray water.

On the other side of the sink is our deep cycle battery & fuse box, along with some additional storage for cords. I've since put up a curtain to cover the under sink area. 

Rear Door/Ramp & Deck

Although we have a man door near the front of the trailer, this is our main access to get in. It will also double as a deck since we have small bottle jacks that will hold the end up.

We've put up a curtain so we don't have to shut the rear ramp door for privacy...we simply pull the curtain across.